Natural Ingredients

Some of the ingredients used in the making of our soap.

Olive Oil
Produced here in Milas, Olive oil supports regeneration of the skin tissue and the regulation of natural moisture balance. Rich in high quality antioxidants, which neutralise free radicals that can be harmful to the skin. Rich in substances with anti-inflammatory effects. 

Coconut Oil
Not only does it produce a rock hard soap with a fantastic lather but this oil is wonderfully moisturising and adds a barrier to the skin protecting it from the elements. It's cleansing ability is amazing and is one of the few oils that produces a soap that will lather in salt water.

Castor Oil
Great for a producing a soap with good lather Good for hair care and makes a wonderful natural shampoo bar. Easily absorbed by the skin making it a great skin softener and conditioner
Cocoa Butter
Produces a hard bar with a stable lather, is very conditioning making it good for eczema, dermatitis, stretch marks, creates a barrier between your skin and the sometimes harsh environment, keeping the moisture in your skin where it belongs.
Sweet Almond Oil
Contributes a nice creamy lather and conditioning properties. High in Vitamins E, A and D as well as Oleic and Linoleic fatty acids, this oil is perfect for soothing dry, flaky and irritated skin. It is said to be beneficial for skin ailments like rashes, psoriasis and eczema.

Hazelnut Oil
Often used in products for facial moisturising, dry and mature skin. Has been shown to help filter the suns harmful rays. Is known for its astringent qualities so is often used on acne prone skin.
Bentonite Clay
Has amazing lubrication properties and helps the blade glide across the face. Also used in commercial drilling fluids. Also draws out oils and toxins so is good for oily skin. Known for its ability to absorb and remove toxins, and impurities.

Peppermint Essential oil
Mainly used for it's natural cool fragrance. It is also beneficial for acne, dermatitis, eczema, headaches, insect bites with insect repelling properties.
Laurel Oil
Laurel oil is a natural antiseptic with soothing properties that can help aid dry skin, dandruff, skin sores and spots to name a few. The oil nourishes and cleans the skin, removing odours and dead cells. Typically 10 - 60% is used in soap together with Olive oil

 Goat's Milk
has been used since ancient times as a natural cleanser. It is one of the finest moisturizers and has excellent emollient properties and contains vitamin A, and several B vitamins including riboflavin, niacin, B6, B12.

 Pine Honey has antiseptic and antimicrobial properties make it great for healing cuts and burns by killing bacteria and fungus. Raw honey also contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone, and lightens scars and age spots.
 Lavender Essential Oil
lavender rows Lavender oil is a natural antibiotic, antiseptic, and detoxifier which encourages healing, prevents scarring, and stimulates cell regeneration. Helps treat skin problems such as inflammation, irritation, acne, eczema, psoriasis, and sunburn.

Pine Essential Oil
Dermatologists often prescribe the oil for treating psoriasis, itching, pimples, eczema, skin diseases, poor skin, scabies, sores, and fleas.

Helps reduce inflammation, heal rashes and relieve skin irritations.Treats dry skin. It gently deep cleans pores without irritation. Naturally stimulates collagen deposition and activation of immune cells within the skin. Aids ex-foliation of the skin.