2 May 2017

Goodbye Amazon – Hello Freedom

You  may tell from the title that I am rather upset. After a couple of years of investing in building up, Amazon have final pulled the rug from under us.
After reading many forums about Amazon, this seems to be how they work. They truly have no interest in the sellers even though without them, they would be nothing.
It would appear that the keyword is Turkey. We sell Turkish soap, we spend time in Turkey, and this has rung alarm bells. with them. Terrorism and money laundering have been mentioned. I guess natural soap is more dangerous than I thought.
After a really bad start to the year with problems with postage (all sorted out now), this is not really welcome timing, but we must make the most of it, as we have lovely natural soap to sell, and we know you want to buy it 🙂
So, we shall translate our own website, increase our Etsy, Ebay and Da Wanda listing and look forward to a world without Amazon………

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