8 March 2014

Lavender Essential oil in Soap

What is Lavender Essential Oil ?
Lavender Essential Oil has a wonderful sweet aroma and is usually steam distilled from Lavender plants. Most of the Lavender Essential Oils come from the angustifolias or English Lavenders which also goes by the previous name of Lavandula officinalis so sometimes it's called English Lavender Essential Oil or Essential Lavender Oil.

There are many uses for Lavender Essential Oil. The essential oil is widely used in everything from cosmetics and Lavender Essential Oil Skin Care to aromatherapy applications. Lavender Absolutes are sometimes confused with essential oils.

There are different kinds of Lavender Essential Oil because of the different varieties of Lavender. You have oil from the:

English varieties (angustifolias make up almost all Lavender Essential Oils)
French Lavender Essential Oil (simply English varieties grown on French soil)
Spike Lavender Essential Oil (Oil of Spike)
Lavandin Essential Oil

Pure Lavender oil is mainly produced by steam distillation. A large amount of plant material is needed to produce essential oil. The volatile elements are extracted by steaming them out of the plant. The resulting steam then condenses with the essential oil floating on top of the liquid.

The essential oil is then separated from the liquid. A small amount of the Lavender Essential Oil does remain in the water and this liquid is used to make plant hydrosols which should not be confused with floral waters. The distilled essential oil must be aged for several months before being sold.

Lavender Essential Oil has wonderful healing benefits such as soothing and calming skin irritations, prevents scarring and infection and even naturally repels insects. This is why you can find it in so many natural skin care products. What more could you ask for in a product than all of these qualities?


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