28 February 2014

What's is in the soap you use on your skin

Dove is a popular brand, so let us start with the ingredients:

Sodium Lauroyl Isethionate

  • Uses: According to DCI it is used as a detergent, wetting agent, and emulsifier
  • About This Ingredient: This is a synthetic detergent. It may dry the skin out because if it's degreasing properties. Depending on where you look, this detergent may be listed as a mild skin irritant.
  • How It's Made: This detergent is chemically synthesized in a lab.

  • Stearic Acid

  • Uses: Used as a hardener in soap. According to DCI, it also gives liquid soap a pearly appearance.
  • About This Ingredient: According to DCI and Cosmetics Info it is deemed safe by the FDA and CIR (Cosmetic Ingredient Review) expert panel. DCI states that it is a possible sensitizer for allergic people. Stearic acid is a constituent in some vegetable oils.
  • How It's Made: According to wikipedia, Stearic acid is prepared by treating animal fat with water at a high pressure and temperature, leading to the hydrolysis of triglycerides.

  • Sodium Tallowate

  • Uses: Used for cleansing.
  • About This Ingredient: Sodium tallowate is a salt of Tallow (according to Cosmetic Cop's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients it is a substance extracted from the fatty deposits of animals, especially from suet (the fat of cattle and sheep). Tallow is often used to make soap and candles. In soap, because of its fat content, it can be a problem for breakouts). According to The Soapmakers Companion (Susan Miller Cavitch) "Quite a bit of controversy surrounds the use of tallow in soap making. It is thought to clog pores, cause blackheads, and increase the incidence of eczema for individuals with sensitive skin."
  • How It's Made: Sodium tallowate is made my mixing Tallow with Lye (a solution containing water and an alkali).

  • Sodium Palmitate

  • Uses: Used for cleansing and creating lather.
  • About This Ingredient: Sodium Palmitate is a salt of Palmitic Acid (according to Cosmetic Cop's Dictionary of Cosmetic Ingredients. Palmitic Acid can be drying to the skin).
  • How It's Made: Sodium Palmitate is made my mixing Palmitic Acid with Lye (a solution containing water and an alkali).

  • Lauric Acid

    • Uses: According to Cosmetic Info it is a surfactant and cleansing agent.
    Sodium Isethionate
    • Uses: It's generally used as a surfactant.
    • About This Ingredient: This ingredient is a type of detergent surfactant. It's pretty mild and produces a lot of dense lather. Sodium isethionate works equally well in soft or hard water.
    Sodium Stearate

    • Uses: The Stearate salts are generally used for their lubricating properties. They also help to keep emulsions from separating into their oil and liquid components, according to Cosmetic Info.
    Cocamidopropyl Betaine

    • Uses: Used as a surfactant, foam booster.
    Sodium Cocoate

    Sodium Palm Kernelate

    Sodium Chloride 

    Tetrasodium EDTA Uses: Used as a preservative and chelating agent

    Maltol Uses: Used as a flavoring agent

    Titanium Dioxide

    • Uses: Used as a whitening agent.
    • About This Ingredient: Titanium Dioxide is thought to have no negative side effects when used externally. 

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