26 November 2013

Caria Handmade Soap Turkey is now online

Village soap made in TurkeyWelcome to Caria Handmade Soaps. We love to make soap that is natural, with no artificial ingredients, that smells and looks good enough to eat. We try to use as many local ingredients as possible which helps support the local farmers and villagers.
We live in Milas, not far from Bodrum airport. We overlook Milas and we are surrounded by Olive and Pine trees. The area is surrounded by 110 villages and agricultural land producing anything from cotton and sesame to tobacco and Olive oil, including soap. I have always wanted to harness the natural surrounding here. I have been a vegetarian for 20 years which means I look at what I eat and what I use in everyday life. I will not use anything where animals have been abused or used, so I am used to looking at the ingredients of products I use. When our son was born I was extra cautious in what products we used. When I looked up what was in some of the bathing products I was shocked. That made me look at what soap and shampoos we where using. As with many out there, this led to us making our own soap and health products and we have not looked back.....

Handmade soap from Turkey
Our soap is handcrafted using the traditional cold process. Our soap is made from only natural ingredients like Pine Honey, Lavender, Thyme, Goat's Milk, Olive oil, Hazelnut Oil. We hope you enjoy our soap as much as we love making it.

You can contact us at info@carihandmadesoap.com

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